Canine-Feline Wellness Questionnaire

"Upon our arrival to the Savannah area our 15-year-old girl, Frankie, became ill and lethargic. We took her in and the vet gave an exam-based diagnosis of lymphoma. Told us to keep her comfortable and prescribed some meds to ease the symptoms. Over the weekend she became much worse and we took her back in. This is where the vet gave us the worse news a dog owner could hear. The condition had deteriorated. We made the decision to put her down and the vet was incredibly comforting as we stayed with Frankie while the injection was administered. The whole event would have been damn near impossible to deal with but the staff put us at ease and helped us muscle through. We had our girl cremated and not a week after we received a sympathy card along with a paw print from Frankie. An incredible gesture. So now we have our new boy, Turk, a Pit Bull who will not see anybody but the Vets and staff at Cedar Animal Hospital."

James S.

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