I have been a loyal customer FOR 10 years they are on call 24/7 they arent worried about money as much as they are the life of an animal. I’ve had them actually answer stuff over the phone and not charge me for it. They are very patient and considerate especially when you have to put down a dog that is 16 years of age. They are always trying to do the right thing and very professional they give a 10% military discount and volunteer time to take the military fishing…I  adore this place love this place I highly recommend Cedar Animal Hospital.

– Dawn J., Google

The staff is wonderful! We have been going there for years. My sweet boy was diagnosed with kidney failure and they really took the time to educate and help us. After he passed away you could tell the staff truly cared by sending a card and checking in on me. They take great care of my other babies as well. I love this place and would never go anywhere else!

– Angel O., Google

I have taken my dog Louis to this clinic twice. Once for updating vaccines and a second time for an injury he had received from a fight with another dog.  The staff are kind and professional.  The environment is clean. I also loved the vet that tended to Louis’s care. She was kind, knowledgeable, & informative. I feel confident that my Louis is receiving top quality care when I take him here.

– Karen G., Google

Upon our arrival to the Savannah area our 15 year old girl, Frankie, became ill and lethargic.  We took her in and the vet gave a exam based diagnosis of lymphoma. Told us to keep her comfortable and prescribed some meds to ease the symptoms.  Over the weekend she became much worse and we took her back in.  This is where the vet gave us the worse news a dog owner could hear.  The condition had deteriorated.  We made the decision to put her down and the vet was incredibly comforting as we stayed with Frankie while the injection was administered.  The whole event would have been damn near impossible to deal with but the staff put us at ease and helped us muscle through.  We had our girl cremated and not a week after we received a sympathy card along with a paw print from Frankie.  An incredible gesture.  So now we have our new boy, Turk, a Pit Bull who will not see anybody but the Vets and staff at Cedar Animal Hospital.

– James S., Google

The Dr’s at this clinic are the most caring, loving Veterinarian’s I have EVER met! They take excellent care of my dog, and care about MY feelings too! I would recommend this animal hospital to every pet owner and lover of their animal. Their prices are more than fair, as they care about the cure of your pet more than the money their ailment brings. Truly a blessing in our community!

– Jeanette K., Google

I had to take my mother’s 7 year old Rottie mix here for an emergency regarding a toe and, we absolutely loved them!They saw us right away on extremely short notice. We’ve had one Vet for our fur children since they were born and upon this recent move, we were nervous to find a new one.We highly recommend Cedar Animal!

– Brook C., Google

My family recently lost our dog. This place was amazing at the end of her journey and during a very difficult time for my parents. From helping her have relief of pain and seizures in her old age to peacefully helping to end her life. They even sent a card with her paw prints. I don’t live at home, but the small things that they did to provide comfort to my Mom and Dad were acts of kindness and proof they are truly animal lovers, not just a business. Losing a pet is hard enough, but Cedar made it much easier. My Dad said they won his vote for business of the year. I agree! Thank you! Love, The Killorins.

– Patricia Z., Yelp

I’m new in town and I didn’t know where to go when my baby pup fell extremely ill. I didn’t know what was wrong with him and thank goodness I brought him to cedar animal hospital! He had ileus and had to get emergency surgery. Dr. Jennifer was so amazing through the whole process. Told me updates daily, loved and cared for my boy like he was her own. I never regret taking my baby here. The staff is amazing, the care is exceptional, and the prices are great as well! From now on this will be our vet living here at Fort Stewart! Would recommend these guys for any pet need!

– Casey J., Yelp

I have read all the current reviews and am floored. First, yes, this is a very busy clinic. But the staff knows their business. Are they always warm and fuzzy, no. They are very efficient and effective. I show dogs and am extremely particular about my vets. I needed a new one in Savannah and this place was recommended to me. I took one of my girls in for a pre-whelp check up to decide if this was the place for us. Dr. Christiansen is simply amazing. He knows his stuff. He is forthright, honest and to the point which I appreciate. My girl ran into problems during delivery and we made an emergency trip to the clinic at 11 pm, meeting Dr. Christiansen. We (and I mean WE) did an emergency section delivering six puppies. This is not my first section, and it was one of the best I have witnessed.

About the “atmosphere.” Dr. Christiansen and his staff have to deal with lots of people with lots of animals that have problems. The reception area is at times chaotic, but that is mostly because it seems owners forget that these are animals that need to behave. They do great work at this clinic and I would recommend them to anyone.

About the person who complained about the costs, welcome to the real world. Animal care is not free. There are lots of low cost spay/neuter clinics around as well as vaccine clinics. If you want that, go find them. If you want doctors who know how to treat animal illnesses and condition, you have to be ready to pay for them. Believe me, Cedar Animal Hospital is MORE than reasonable cost-wise in my book! I have paid much more to my vets in Atlanta and up north for the same procedures. I could pay more in Savannah and maybe get a prettier office and falsely charming staff. I would rather pay realistic costs for staff I would, and literally do, trust with the lives of my dogs.

I cannot speak to the boarding, but to be frank, I would never board any animal at a vet office. It is a side line, not a primary business. There are lots of great boarding facilities in the area that do play time and all that. If you board with a vet, in my experience, it is usually because your pet needs special care or observation. Hands down Dr. Christiansen is in my view the BEST vet in the Savannah/Richmond Hill area.

– Michael H., Yelp

We recently arrived in Richmond hill from California and were a little nervous to find a new vet as our furbabies are part of our family and tend to visit the vet…a lot! Having a fantastic vet that provides outstanding care as well as not trying to gouge us financially is essential! Dr heather at Cedar animal hospital is perfect for us! She has met each of our animals, followed up with our Doxie who had back surgery and only gave us medications and provided treatment that was necessary! I am very impressed thus far and recommend her to anyone searching for a vet in the RH area!

– Marianne M., Yelp